25 Aug 2015

Shedding Spider

Shedding Spider Namibia

Spiders have always been associated with myths and legends. Due to their unique appearances and habits, they are viewed as mysterious, and often terrifying, to many people. However, spending time with various individuals will soon make one realize how fascinating and truly legendary these creatures are. Taken in a brief moment before sunset in Namibia, this Orb Web spider shedding his exoskeleton is a reminder to take our time, to stop and watch, as the tiniest miracles are happening all around us.

Generally, orb-weaving spiders are three-clawed builders of flat webs with sticky spiral capture silk. The building of a web is an engineering feat, begun when the spider floats a line on the wind to another surface. The spider secures the line and then drops another line from the center, making a “Y”. The rest of the scaffolding follows with many radii of nonsticky silk being constructed before a final spiral of sticky capture silk. The third claw is used to walk on the nonsticky part of the web. Characteristically, the prey insect that blunders into the sticky lines is stunned by a quick bite, and then wrapped in silk. If the prey is a venomous insect, such as a wasp, wrapping may precede biting.